(in)BODY Workshop - Philly, May 6th


(in)BODY Workshop - Philly, May 6th


WHAT is (in)BODY? A movement class for (in)ner healing.

Our bodies hold stories. Sharing them is cathartic, rewriting them is possible, and defining ourselves by them isn’t necessary anymore. In this class we share stories through movement and breath. The community supports one another, while the individual takes the journey (in)ward.

To put it most simply, we go (in). to move through. and clear out.

The (in)BODY Class is an immersive movement class developed to release the physical and emotional tension that we hold in our bodies. This mind/body work out is rooted in dynamic movements with an emphasis on replenishing the body and changing the narrative. Compared to yoga (in)BODY is a storytelling experience, that will make you sweat. It's not just a movement (and far from a fitness) based class. It combines vinyasa yoga but also intentionally placed spurts of cardio, strength and intensity to let go and dive (in) to your body, as a way to clear out the stagnancy that is no longer needed.

WHEN: May 6, 2019 | 7:00-8:30pm

WHERE: Haven Wellness Center - 1639 N Hancock St #102, Philadelphia, PA 19122

PRICE: $25

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