Summer Hydration 101 : Cure-ing My Habits with Hydration

Summer is officially here which means it’s time to track down those extra water bottles you may have left behind at a yoga studio, forgotten about in a messy kitchen cabinet or have hiding in the bottom of your gym bag. I tend to start my mornings with a smoothie and a cold brew but am realizing more and more how dehydration gets the best of me by mid-afternoon. Caffeine is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and something I can’t seem to give up even in the warmer summer months, so I wanted to share some practices I’ve adopted to combat my less than perfect hydration habits. 


One of the first places I notice dehydration wreaking havoc is my skin. Especially since I’ve moved to the west coast I can feel how the lack of humidity and overall higher temperatures affect how moisturized my face is. Everyone loves a good self-care facial but booking one for the onset of summer is a great way to jumpstart a more hydrating skincare routine. 

Can’t budget for a facial just yet? I love adding a hydrating serum into my regime and a weekly hydrating mask in addition to a normal moisturizer. Facial oils like rosehip are also super hydrating, if your skin reacts well to them. Think of all of these options as a thirst quenching extra dose of H20 for your face. And please, remember that sunscreen! 


If you’re like me and find yourself grabbing a cup of coffee before a glass of water in the mornings try to remember the facts. I normally start to feel thirsty after an afternoon workout or a good yoga-sweat, but the reality is that by the time we “feel thirsty” our bodies are already dehydrated. It’s all about trying to stay on top of  your fluid intake BEFORE you notice that “meh” feeling that seems to go hand in hand with not having had enough water. Staying properly hydrated helps your heart pump blood through your blood vessels and to your muscles more easily and keeps us performing better throughout the day. I’ve been on a cardio kick, opting for more sweaty high intensity workouts which means in addition to water I also need electrolytes. I’ve been keeping a stash of Cure Hydration packs on hand and in my bag at all times. I sip them post workout, and LOVE the berry flavor best



It’s easy to forget that even sitting at my laptop for a hours a day is dehydrating, it’s not just about being mindful after a workout. Sometimes our bodies need an extra boost that just water can’t provide. Our cells need more electrolytes and fluids than good old H20 can supply, especially in the face of dehydration. 

That’s why I’ve loved incorporating Cure Hydration packs into my routine. They’re vegan and gluten free but my favorite thing about them is the ingredient list. No fancy chemicals I can’t pronounce, they’re non-GMO and downright delicious. Cure is made with organic coconut water and pink Himalayan salt for natural electrolytes. I’ve been keeping a few of the berry flavored packets in my bag when I’m on the run and find myself reaching for one anytime I have a glass of water within reach. 

3 Things I NEVER Forget To Do In My Morning Routine.


Today I want to chat about morning routines and share what I consider my “must dos”! Thank you to Fortify Probiotics for sponsoring this post.

Everyone has a morning routine to some degree, even if it’s simply pouring a cup of coffee. Ritual and routine is a beautifully grounding way to start the day. But with social media and the world of (sometimes) over sharing, many of us have followed along observing or read about another woman’s morning routine in an article and thought “how?!? How does she have time for so much self-care, so many superfood powders, PLUS a workout before dawn?”

I know I’ve wondered.

I pride myself in finding a bit of a gray area in wellness. Nothing is black and white, everything rooted in intuition and freedom and flexibility and room for HEALTHY “error” or imperfection. My morning routine is no different.

It’s simple and streamlined because I want to find it empowering and EASY rather than daunting or overwhelming. It’s sacred solo time, before emails and alerts and phone calls begins.

How do I stick to the routine? Keep it short and sweet. I’ve noticed that the more I try to cram into my routine, the more it becomes a chore rather than a chance to connect with myself.

Sometimes I have the luxury of doing much more than these three steps, but I find setting these three non negotiable actions then allowing the rest to flow naturally has prepared me for the most successful morning!

Here’s what I do first thing in the AM :

Choose a card.

If you follow along on Instagram you know I LOVE to pull from tarot, oracle, and affirmation decks. I have a stack of about 10 different decks in my bedroom. And each day I wake up and choose one. Sometimes it’s a simple affirmation, or other times I’ll get specific.

Questions and intentions I set before choosing include ...

What do I need to know today?

What energy can I bring to this day?

What do I need to hear to best support me today?

This is a very meditative and mindful practice for me and allows me to exercise my intuition first thing. Depending on what comes up, it also sparks my meditation and practices. I might not jot down thoughts each morning but I try to whenever possible and take 5-10 minutes of meditation for myself before hopping out of bed and heading to the kitchen.

Drink something nourishing :

Typically this is a green smoothie but some mornings it’s simply water with lemon and a tablespoon of ACV! If I’m traveling I may use a superfood green powder mixed in water, or carry electrolyte packets or chlorophyll drops to up the hydration after flights or long days.

However I choose to drink it, the goal here is a hefty dose of nutrients bright and early.

My go to green smoothie recipe:

2 handfuls of spinach or baby kale

Half a frozen banana

1/4 cup frozen mango

1/4 cup frozen pineapple

Cup of almond or coconut milk

Plant based protein powder or collagen peptides

I love how tropical it tastes. I don’t steer clear of fruit like some choose to, but I prefer to eat it first thing in the morning because it’s easiest to digest and then I switch to salads and more savory options the rest of the day!


Speaking of... our last step! Take my probiotic.

For digestive support and gut health I always take a Fortify Women’s Probiotic.*

I love this women’s blend from Fortify! I’ve tried many probiotics in the past but find this one works best for me.

Specifically formulated to support my digestive, immune and vaginal health, this women’s blend is formulated with 11 probiotic strains plus prebiotics.* I take it with my breakfast or AM drink, along with a couple other supplements like B12 and a spirulina to round out my quick 15 minute MUST DO routine.

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.