Weird or worthwhile? 3 Myths about psychics, and what I've learned since speaking to one.

When I told friends and family that I had spoken to psychics before they were… curious to say the least.

Inevitable questions followed, and they wondered what came up in my calls, what my fate was, etc. I’m an open book about anything spiritual, woo woo, or otherwise outside of the box in the wellness world.


I consider myself a guinea pig, trying any and every “out there” trend so I can report back to my friends and audience here. It’s the reason I’m open to psychic readings from Keen, numerology, astrological birth chart readings and aura photography. And that’s the most important thing about trying anything new, to keep an open mind.

I decided to share and de-mystify the intuitive world and my psychic experience a bit. Inevitably, we tend to cast judgment and preconceived notions on things we have not personally experienced. I was hearing the same myths about psychics and mediums, so wanted to share my thoughts on a few:

They can predict the (exact) future.

In ways, yes they can predict some things in your future. But if you’re expecting very definite details and exact timelines, you’re going to be disappointed. There is a little thing called free will, after all.

What a psychic CAN do is channel and tap into your energy. A skilled advisor can speak to how you’re showing up in different areas of your life, and what they intuitively see for you, or if the path your currently on does not align. When you seek advice on your path, a psychic advisor can help you uncover your purpose or where your heart lies. The more open you are energetically, the greater they will be able to guide you and channel what needs to come through.

For example, I asked about where I should live (I was feeling stir crazy and eager to move). There wasn't an exact location in mind, but part of me thought about heading somewhere closer to nature, and another part of me leaned toward a career driven choice.  My advisor on Keen explained to me it was less about city and state and more about creative freedom. She stressed the need for a creative environment, and felt strongly to go the route that kept me closer to a city when I decide to make that move.

Hearing this was reassuring, and felt like a non judgemental resource for advice.

Local family and friends are not as subjective (they want me to stick around!) when discussing a life change like a move.

Visiting a psychic looks like a scene from a movie, complete with crystal ball, metaphysical books and tons of crystals (or insert other stereotype about the spiritual community here).

While yes, you can absolutely seek a psychic advisor that has all the “bells and whistles” you can also speak to someone from the comfort of your home through that nifty thing called the internet. I use, it’s been my favorite (and most accurate) psychic experience yet. The advisors are men and women just like you and me. It feels like speaking to a wise friend.

Be sure to read the awesome reviews when choosing an advisor, and if you’re called to speak to someone of a similar age as you, go for it! Choose an advisor that you feel you can relate to and will feel comfortable with, that’s very important when it comes to spiritual guidance and a huge reason why many shy away from it!


They say the same (vague) things to everyone OR you give them the answer, and they reiterate.

This just isn’t true. Being a highly intuitive person myself, I know that these advisors have spent years developing the skills to channel and tap in. They believe in their gifts and value their expertise and want to share it with others! Empaths carry A LOT, it’s certainly not an easy career choice, and can stir up a lot in their own lives just from holding space for clients who need to navigate difficult decisions, losses, or change.

Still skeptical? The best thing about Keen is you pay per minute. So if you truly just want a quick ten minute call, that’s perfectly fine and possible! Very little is needed on your end as far as details. Most advisors ask for your birthday and name and birthday of other parties involved, and you do not have to commit to a long call.


Knowing that time is limited, the psychics on Keen are great at efficiently accessing the information you are seeking, and spend limited time asking follow up questions.

There ya have it, 3 misconceptions we’ve all TOTALLY had about intuitives, psychics and the spiritual community, through the eyes of a believer!

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