3 Crystals to keep in your workspace



Citrine: Stone of Energy and Confidence

Citrine radiates like the sun, and beams light and happiness into your space (or by your desk). Connected to the solar plexus chakra, the source of confidence, this stone helps you to feel good about yourself, and infuses your aura with confidence, joy, and overall good energy.

How to Use this Crystal:

When you’re at your desk each morning, close your eyes and hold a piece of citrine in your hands. Visualize love, light, and success all around you. The citrine can also invite in optimism, abundance, and new opportunities or ideas.


Selenite: The Purifying Stone

Chances are, your office wouldn’t appreciate you burning sage or palo santo to cleanse your space, so try selenite! Selenite purifies the crystals and environment that surrounds it, and never needs to be recharged. It is pure light, vibrating very high and positive energy, while cleansing away bad vibes! It’s a great stone to use after you’ve been in the presence of a conversation, person or environment that felt low energy or vibrational.

How To Use this Crystal:

Hold and take a few moments to breathe and reconnect after a difficult or stressful meeting, conversation or situation at the workplace. Place it nearby devices, like iPhones and laptops, as a way to protect yourself and counteract the draining energies of these objects.

Malachite: The Stone of Transformation

The energy of this stone is all about the heart, and it demands you to face and feel unresolved issues and deal with anything that is bothering you so that energy is released rather than remains stuck. I struggle with letting go of resentment sometimes. I find myself ruminating on that one thing that rubbed me the wrong way via email, call, or meeting and I just can't. let. that. shit. go. Malachite is a crystal ally for when frustration arises, whether it’s in regards to a particular task, co worker, etc. 

How to use this crystal:

Close your eyes, hold a piece of malachite in each of your hands, and take three deep breaths when you feel frustrated and angry to deal with the issue head on. Allow what is upsetting you to come to the surface, then observe it exit you with each exhale, feeling a greater sense of peace enter through each inhale. 

Where to buy crystals??

I'm frequently asked where I purchase crystals. Typically I'll find a crystal shop whenever I travel (I recently bought a bunch in London!) but my favorite online resource EVER for all things spiritual is Energy Muse. I get my crystals, palo santo, sage, and more from Energy Muse and the founders, Timmi and Heather are incredibly knowledgeable!