Why Non-Toxic Deo?? Scully's Deodorant Review


Ask anyone committed to a healthy or nontoxic lifestyle what the most difficult product swap is, and you'll likely hear "deodorant!" And I agree, it's the toughest product to find a solution for, yet one of the most important to substitute from conventional.

WHY is switching it up is necessary?

Let’s begin with the *pit*falls of the products we all have been using since puberty ...

  1. Alumin-no: Best to say NO to aluminum. This ingredient clogs your sweat ducts not only inhibiting your bodies natural ability to get rid of toxins but has also been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's.

  2. In fact, embrace your sweat: I believe step one of finding the perfect deodorant begins with changing your expectations around it. So that means learning to love your sweaty self. Sweat is a natural and necessary process of elimination. Our body sweats in response to cool us down, but deodorant marketing boasts "anti perspirant" and we start to feel self conscious about it. Finding a truly nontoxic deodorant that also is anti-perspirant will be tough. Because it's not a natural process to ... "anti".

  3. Other chemicals, parabens, and synthetic fragrances : If we are avoiding aluminum, why not avoid other toxins? Our skin is our largest organ and each ingredient we apply is absorbed into our blood streams.

  4. Let’s keep it cruelty free, please: If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love my pup Ralph...A LOT. He's a beagle, and after learning how many beagles are subjected to animal testing, particularly for beauty products, I committed to cruelty free makeup and skincare.

Even with the evidence that anti-perspirants aren’t the best for our bodies, sometimes it’s still a tough switch. I hear many women committed to non toxic beauty products mention the following troubles when finding a deodorant that WORKS.

Common issues with natural deodorant I hear all the time:

  • It’s irritating my skin


  • works, but only for a short time

  • stains clothing

Because I know the struggle, I had to share Scully's - the natural deodorant I've been using (and loving) lately.

Scully’s is a Brooklyn based company committed to keeping their ingredients pure, and their customers fresh. It’s completely natural, chemical-free and get this… it works. It’s also unisex, smells like fresh peppermint (I liked that over the floral and baby powder scents we often find in deodorants) and of course free of aluminum.

It’s simple to use - simply spritz under each arm 3-4 times. It goes on clear, leaving no residue or risk of staining your clothing.


Ready for their ingredients?

It’s JUST :  Triple-Filtered Alcohol from New York Grains, Organic Mint Oils, Organic Citric Acid from Grapefruit. 

Seriously, that’s it. Take a look the ingredient list on a deodorant at the drug store and you may be reading for a bit.

My honest review of Scully’s?

I loved the scent, and the ease of application. I’ve had some natural deodorants the come in a jar and are messy to apply. I found it worked well for me, however on one particularly hot day and after yoga I definitely needed to re apply in the afternoon.

I think the best part about Scully’s product was I experienced absolutely no irritation, something I’ve struggled with from other natural deodorants.

I will gladly reapply throughout the day (I keep the cute frosted glass jar in my bag) rather than deal with bumps, irritation and discomfort… plus toxins!

Be sure to follow Scullys on IG - @scullysworks!