Cleaning with Dirt? Microbiome and Skin Health + a Review of Mother Dirt!



I remember the FIRST time I saw Mother Dirt’s products, years ago.

I was just dipping my toes into the world of wellness, nannying for an awesome family who valued their health, and saw Mother Dirt cleanser and AO+ spray in their fridge.

Curious, I asked the father what was up with the “dirty” skincare next to the salad dressing. He said “Kate, dirt is GOOD for you! And that stuff is filled with live bacteria so I keep it refrigerated”. WHAT? I was instantly curious.

Since then I’ve had the pleasure of using Mother Dirt’s products myself. From their gentle cleanser, to their awesome shampoo, and AO+ Mist I use post workouts and shower.

But before diving into their products, how to use them and what I love about each. Let’s break down some of the buzzwords we’re hearing so often in the wellness industry today, such as microbiome and good bacteria.

Skin Biome?

Whether we’d like to admit we’re “dirty”, we host trillions of microorganisms in our guts, on our skin, etc.  These organisms make up our skin biome, which is routinely compromised by our current obsession with cleanliness and sterility, the environment we live in, and our lifestyles.

What is AOB?

Mother Dirt focuses on AOB or (Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria) and coins them the “peacemaker” bacteria. They populate our skin naturally, but overtime with our widespread use of harsh soaps and personal care products, our AOB bacteria has lessened considerably.

This good bacteria thrives on the ammonia in our sweat, and by replenishing it, we’re bringing balance to our skin biome by adding this keystone species.

The Mother Dirt Products I Use…


AO+ Mist:

When I use it: After I shower, OR post workout.

How?: Spray it to my face and underarms.

Results?: Since using the mist, I’ve noticed that my combination skin (oily t zone, dry in other areas) has been better - resulting in a more even complexion since incorporating the MD AO+ in my routine! I also notice that I don’t have to reapply deodorant all the time, because although I’m still sweating, the odor is more neutralized.


When I use it: In the morning, occasionally in the shower as a body wash.

How?: This gentle foaming cleanser is the perfect first step before I moisturize and apply SPF.

Results?:  LOVE this for everyday use because it is so gentle, but no huge changes. Mostly just happy skin that feel clean, yet never irritated!


When I use it: Every 2-3 days

How?: Lather up! I love that I’m able to go 2-3 days between washes with my hair finally.

Results?: Huge change in my hair since using the shampoo. I was struggling with either having super dry hair, or getting super greasy and washing everyday. Each shampoo I was using was either too harsh for my hair, stripping it of natural oils, OR leaving my hair weighed down with additional product, and resulting in greasy, heavy locks. When I started routinely using Mother Dirt, I noticed a drastic difference, and have had healthier hair (and felt way less self conscious) between washes.

Want to get dirty and try Mother Dirt for yourself??

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**This post is sponsored by Mother Dirt, however all opinions are my own. **