Sunrise Springs Resort : A Transformative Weekend in Santa Fe

Ahh, how do I recap a weekend that felt as nourishing, transformative, and special as my time at Sunrise Springs Resort

I'm going to try to do this magical space justice, because EVERYONE deserves to experience it for themselves. 

The Backstory... and my accurate vision board. 

I was invited to stay at Sunrise Springs and immediately I was overcome with not only gratitude but excitement to return to the desert climate. Having gone to college in AZ, I have fond memories among cacti and in sunshine, and I felt that my years since graduation had been ones of tremendous growth. I felt that I had changed, my views of myself had changed and for that reason I wanted to see it this area with new eyes. 

I put photos of the southwest (TBH it was New Mexico specifically) on my vision board. Hoping to make my way back but assuming it would be to Arizona. Nope. The Universe took my magazine clippings quite literally and this opportunity stumbled into my inbox. 

Thrilled, I packed up and hit the airport with Caroline of Plant Based Blonde one Thursday in June. 

We drove about an hour from the airport and when arriving to Sunrise Springs we immediately entered some kind of wellness vortex. The property is set on a stunning natural spring (and actually filtered through their taps, we DRANK the natural spring water all weekend) and pieces of Cottonwood float through the sky like a soft summer snow. We toured the property and every turn had another hammock for quiet reading, a stunning willow tree, or butterflies. So. Many. Butterflies. 

We settled into our rooms (which were beautiful and stocked with tea grown on site), and we prepared for a welcome ceremony Sunrise had planned for the evening. Concha, a Native American healer who has always called Santa Fe home, led us and other members of her tribe through a traditional ceremony of dance, drumming, the elements and prayer. It was memorizing to watch and she invited us to join them. We kicked off our shoes and literally stomped our feet in the dirt. Grounding down, feelings earth's energy, it was electric. While following their lead, we danced. We were welcomed into their circle to respect our earth, ancestors and Spirit as a community. 

The ceremony ended with a blessing from four of the women, led by Concha. First the FIRE element, we were smudged in the smoke of burning herbs. Next that was followed by WATER -  they splashed rosemary on us using rosemary. As water hit my cheeks, I smiled. A large turkey feather representing the AIR element traced and swallowed our bodies, and finally a halo of fresh flowers covered our crown chakras and showered our bodies in EARTH energy. 

Feeling more alive than ever from this unforgettable experience (and despite a long travel day) we head into dinner for apps, pomegranate margaritas and a 5 course meal overlooking the spring. Chef Rocky Durham spoiled us that weekend. Each course more delicious than the last and entirely plant based. We went to bed feeing nourished and satisfied - and spoiled. 

Well, that was just night ONE. So you probably are wondering if I could write a book about Sunrise Springs (maybe) so here's Friday's agenda, more simplified...


Wake and meditate by the natural spring then enjoy breakfast.

There is a dock that jets out into the spring. I met Britt and Tara of Elevate the Globe out there to meditate, and we chatted before breakfast. I had coffee with coconut milk, fresh berries and quinoa porridge with the other ladies in the group, while discussing our dreams and offering interpretations for one another over the yummy food. 

Head to the spa for a CBD massage

80 minutes of pure bliss. I had never used CBD topically before and it made the massage amazing. 

Followed by a magnesium soak...

While sipping tea in gorgeous ceramics from local Santa Fe artists, overlooking the natural springs, in my own private soaking tub. I can't make this place up, it's truly this heavenly. 

For lunch I returned to the Blue Heron restaurant for a hibiscus iced tea and forbidden rice stir fry with cashew cream. Un. Real. 

 Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Sunrise offers a plethora of experiential activities which was my favorite part of the resort. I loved the medicine wheel experience. Unique, intuitive and eye opening it was almost too special to do it justice in a few sentances. You can read more about it here

Rest and Recharge: 

I explored more, hung in a hammock by a koi pond on property then prepared for Puppy School!

Puppy Preschool!! 

There were puppies. Not just any puppies, Sunrise Springs trains black labs to be service animals. We got the chance to give them commands and learn more about their 2 years in training before they go to "work" as service dogs. I thought it was really unique that Sunrise Springs does this, and can't imagine how many benefits guests feel from hanging with the pups! It's really a nod to their 360 degree view of wellness at Sunrise. They provide far beyond yoga and spa treatments! 

A Night in Santa Fe : 

Last but not least we drove about 25 minutes to downtown Santa Fe. The streets were lined with cute shops (many had crystals) and plenty of art - so much art. I loved the architecture, colors and liveliness of the streets. We stopped for a drink at a rooftop bar with beautiful views of the city and gorgeous landscape. Next we went to an Oxygen bar / cafe for dinner. 

The menu was FULL of innovative adaptogenic lattes, salads with CBD dressings and mandala pizzas. Tons of gluten free and vegan options were on the menu as well. We followed dinner with the oxygen bar which was something I had never tried! We laughed while inhaling the aroma of essential oils and asking the staff about the benefits. 

It became very clear that the spiritual/New Age scene in Santa Fe is NOT new or a trendy. fad The local culture in Santa Fe deeply values wellness and it was so refreshing to be immersed in!

Saturday : 


This morning I chose the breakfast veggie tacos with potato, zucchini, tomato and delicious guacamole. Usually breakfast tacos are full of tofu scramble (not my favorite) so I loved that these were full of whole veggies and fresh avocado as the base. 

More EXPLORING + Rest!

Saturday had plenty of free time. We spent time feeding the Silkies (cutest little chickens!), wandering through the greenhouse, and pulling angel cards we found in one of the group rooms. 

I also took time to rest in my room, journal and reflect a bit about the experience as well as call home (had to FaceTime with my beagle, Ralph.)

Lunch - for 3 hours, with incredible women. 

We went to the Blue Heron on property for lunch and it was full of guests! Being a party of 6, they had us go into the private dining room and it was perfect because it led to a 3 hour lunch with incredible conversation.

Britt and Tara even led us through a meditation that brought all of us to tears. We really opened up over our salads, veggie burgers and enchiladas, and I have no doubt it's because Sunrise creates such a safe and supportive space for these kinds of breakthroughs.

Restorative Yoga :

Before dinner I took a restorative yoga class with Georgina that was magic. So calming, and very soft. Sunrise Springs offers yoga classes throughout the day, and the studio is beautiful, naturally lit, and equipped with all of the mats and props a guest could need so no need to pack anything. 

5 Courses of Plant Based Dishes:

Dinner was another round of five extraordinary courses by Chef Rocky Durham. Homemade buckwheat crackers were accompanied by bean dip to start, cold soba noodles, and a tempura fried avocado. We ended with a gorgeous apricot sorbet inspired by local artist Georgia Okeefe's apricot trees on her Santa Fe property. 

After hugs good night we retreated to our Casitas and had the best nights rest.


I can confidently say that leaving Sunday was the last thing anyone in our group wanted to do! It was a chill morning before travel with breakfast as a crew,  taking our final photos of every stunning view of the resort, hugs (then more hugs) and saying our last goodbyes. 

Caroline and I had lunch before the airport and enjoyed Sunrise Salads with crisp greens grown there on site and our final cup of hibiscus tea. We reflected on all that this experience had taught us, in just the span of three days. 

The energy was so welcoming, so peaceful and profound at the resort. I not only would recommend Sunrise Springs to ANYONE looking to reconnect with themselves, nature and celebrate their wellness journey...  I'll hold this trip near and dear to my heart. It's one I'll never forget and feel so grateful to have experienced. 

Be sure to follow Sunrise Springs on Instagram - @SunriseSpringsNM and read more about them here. I am manifesting another trip there soon, I hope to host a retreat at Sunrise Springs sometime in 2019!! Stay tuned!