This Summer I Shook Up My Yoga Practice, Here's How.

This summer has been BUSY to say the least. I've traveled each and every month, some months multiple trips, each time packing my bags (and yoga mat) to see a new place.

Travel certainly shakes up your routine and makes it challenging to maintain a regular yoga and meditation practice.

And while I'm used to practicing in the comfort of my home, and meditating in the morning after fixing my AM drink in my own kitchen, I pushed myself to still regularly roll out my mat this season. Even if that meant practicing in a yoga room at the San Francisco airport (kudos to that airport for this!) or an Airbnb.

I also decided to embrace the change of scenery and take it a step further, switching up my routine by trying new styles, new teachers on YogaGlo and new meditations.

I often talk about my love for YogaGlo on Instagram. And if you follow along you may have noticed I often shout out different classes and meditations that I’m trying. I absolutely love this resource because it allows me to take my yoga… anywhere. The instructors are phenomenal. YogaGlo has easy to use filters that allow you to search through different categories, class lengths, and intensity levels. It even offers Pilates classes (a new and very welcomed edition!) healthy food recipes and MANY beautiful guided meditations.

With a mat and my laptop (or my phone… be sure to download the app!) YogaGlo and I were buddies this hectic summer, and I challenged myself to embrace the change and shake up my practice as well!


Here are 3 ways I shook up my practice this summer (and the reasons I'm so glad I did):

  1. I practiced outdoors.

Last week I spent time at the beach and I meditated right next to the ocean each day. It was blissful. I spend time outdoors every single day, because of the grounding benefits.  But to take my yoga practice and actually flow outdoors felt wonderful. I chose not to use music whenever I would practice outside, listening instead to my own body and breath and the sounds naturally around me. Pretty easy when the crashing waves are your soundtrack!


2. I took up Kundalini.

I was familiar with Kundalini, and had tried elements of it in other classes, for example breath of fire. But for some reason a full Kundalini practice felt intimidating to me. For so long I've enjoyed the flowy nature of a Vinyasa class, and chose to stay in my comfort zone.

I committed to the Kia Miller's Detox for Health and Happiness course on YogaGlo and loved it. Each 30 minute class was the perfect introduction to Kundalini and a way for me to begin to get comfortable with the movements, pranayama and principles.

Not only were the classes fun and challenging, they inspired my own yoga teaching, giving me new tools to take back to students after my personal practice.

I loved the surge of energy I'd feel during the practice. I felt like I was literally shaking out the stagnant energy and inviting in new. It's a transformative practice and one I plan to continue!

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3. I tried classes outside of yoga.

Ok, I'm not going to lie, I usually write off other classes and styles of movement. I get stuck in a rut and just do what I know I enjoy.

This summer not only did I sign up for a barre membership at a local studio to challenge myself, I also popped into multiple studios during my travels. None of them yoga based!

  • I tried the incredibly cathartic class by Taryn Toomey (with Taryn herself!) called, The Class. It. was. Amazing. Highly recommend to anyone traveling to NYC.

  • I went to a reformer pilates class that worked my body head to toe at MNT Studio in San Fran.

  • I took a friend visiting Philly to SLT, a TOUGH workout that we both enjoyed.

  • And I also danced freely and wildly during a moving Native American ceremony at Sunrise Springs Resort in Santa Fe. An experience I’ll never forget!

Change is always good. And this summer I learned my yoga practice needed some of it. My perspective, personal practice, and teacher all benefited from the change and challenge of being away from my routine.

I’m grateful for platforms like YogaGlo that keep my practice interesting, and support my lifestyle!


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And PLEASE tag me and @yogaglo on social when you do, I’d love to hear what courses and classes you’re enjoying!