Tips for creating a home Yoga Practice

OMMM... at h-OOOMMM-e.

Ok, yeah I went there. I LOVE that I have a home yoga practice. It's empowering to know I can move, breathe and connect on my mat, anytime, anywhere. I think it's important to set aside a sacred space and treat it as your yoga sanctuary. It will encourage you to get on your mat more often, and practice self care. 

kate van horn home yoga studio

The beauty of yoga is it can be done ANYWHERE. How freeing is that?! And while a studio boosts community, combining in-studio classes with a quiet home practice can develop a more well rounded relationship with yoga and intuitive movement. 

Have ten minutes for a few Sun A's before heading out the door? Hit your mat. Need some time to ground yourself and meditate? Visit your home studio. 

Sometimes when I’m sitting at my computer for a while, I take a short break, head into down dog, peddle out my legs and maybe add in an inversion or legs up the wall to get the blood flowing. Seriously, try legs up the wall before you reach for another cup of coffee. Inversions can be energizing and help clear your head or encourage new ideas and creativity. 

Ready to create your own perfect yoga space? It's important that the area feels clean, fresh and inviting, so here’s a list of a few home studio essentials- and why these small details will help you get into the yoga state of mind....


Sitting on a folded blanket or pillow just makes meditation more comfortable. Sitting cross-legged on the floor is not accessible to everyone, and if you rather add a bolster or blanket DO IT.  Physically, ensuring your hips are lifted is a more gentle way to practice meditation.

Fold up a comfy blanket and a beautiful pillow to your yoga space. 

kate van horn home yoga studio



Music is a must for me, but others may find silence more calming. I suggest getting an essential oil diffuser with a few soothing scents! my favorite is from Organic Aromas. it’s visually the most beautiful diffusor I've owned, and it's made from glass and wood rather than any plastics.

For relaxation I diffuse  lavender. If i’m not feeling well, eucalyptus, and for a burst of energy during a mid afternoon practice, try orange or lemongrass, they're refreshing and light.


Use props at your studio? Invest in some for your home. If you use blocks, have them close by along with a strap. I personally love the Infinity Strap - best yoga strap I’ve ever tried. The design is genius and it's more streamlined. 

I use it for stability in forearm stand and it comes in handy when I need a good stretch. 

When you’re in a class and don’t have the proper “tools”, the teacher might notice and offer whatever props you need. Not the case at home! So have it all close by your mat so that you make the most of your home practice and don’t shy away from postures (or strain yourself!) because of lack of prop.



You know, the woo woo fun stuff that makes meditation oh so wonderful. Mala beads, crystals, sage, extra candles, a book of poetry, a deck of affirmations, your journal. The list goes on and on. Add whatever small items may deepen your meditation practice and give you a greater sense of inner peace. Create an alter, admire these beautiful treasures and treat each with respect and love. A routine or ritual using them is a beautiful way to unplug from the rest of your home and responsibilities, come into your space and fully immerse yourself in a home practice. 

it’s your home, it’s your shala! 

Now that you've consciously created a yoga space - go enjoy! Did I miss a yoga studio essential? Leave a comment below.