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Let's explore tarot, together. A tool for reflection and conversation rather than predicting the future, I've fallen in love with learning the cards, their meanings, and how to apply the themes to my life. I'd be honored to hold space for you to do the same. Tarot is a way to explore our intuition, address what we may be avoiding, or celebrate all that we have available to us.

Each reading is 30 minutes, and includes a follow up with journal prompts that correlate with the cards chosen and/or meditations for you to continue to dive deeper into all that comes up in a reading. 


The internet is great and all, but there’s nothing better than connecting in-person.  Head to my class schedule for upcoming workshops and classes or explore the retreats where I'll be traveling to teach. 

If you’re interested in partnering on a retreat or scheduling a workshop, let's discuss the possibilities! My classes emphasize self love, exploring intuitive movement, and combine movement, journaling, meditation and/or manifestation. 

Local to LA? I offer private lessons and would love to guide you in your home or workspace. Email me for for rates and availability!

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If you’ve got an awesome product or service, align with my brand and core values, and want to gain exposure, let’s make something happen! I’d love to spread the good word to my audience in an authentic way.

Tell me a little more about your brand, how you’d like to work together, and request a media kit by emailing hello@katevanhorn.com.

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