I’m Kate.

Yoga Instructor. Blogger. Multi-passionate entrepreneur.

But you should know that’s just my resume.

It’s part of me, but it’s not who I am.

Chances are we’re a bit alike, you and me. Mid-twenties women just doing our best.  Putting our best foot forward every day - expressing gratitude, discovering our voices, and learning how to stand in our own power.  You know, trying to do ‘all the things’.

I’m also a crystal collecting, donut for dessert, beagle loving, chlorophyll in my water wellness-lover driven by an intense desire to cut through the BS and help women reclaim their strength and inner light.

I’m here to share with you that that you are capable, your body is beautiful, your intuition is powerful, life is a work in practice, and that you too can discover and practice radical self-love.

Easier said than done, right?

These core values haven’t always felt attainable for me either.

For the first 23 years of my life I lived small. I defined myself by what had happened to me rather than what I knew I was capable of.  Living in a mindset of fear, I chose chaos over of stability and sacrifice over abundance.

My subconscious and the context of my life had taught me that this was the way to live. But what I learned is that when we let our intuition guide us and make a conscious choice to release, there is strength in moments of weakness; opportunity in the struggle; and a bright shining light at the end of fear.


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Kate van horn about me

After experiencing trauma as a young child, I was cynical. This distrust eventually altered my my relationship with my body, food, and the world as a whole.  There was a shadow and an unshakeable feeling of shame. It became impossible to trust myself or others, my surroundings, and feel connected to a purpose.

I walked through life defensively and created chaos as a means of manipulation and control which I thought would shield me from anxiety and depression. Repressing my emotions created a deeper manifestation that showed up in more harmful ways, eventually manifesting into an eating disorder by 17.  

I was mean to myself and to others. I believed I was less than.

Not only was I limiting myself, I was limiting my beliefs about the world and holding myself back from the woman I could grow to become, and from unlocking my full potential.

I went through treatment for anorexia at 19, and again for PTSD and women’s trauma at the age of 22. These periods were the most profound experiences on my journey to self-awareness and discovery.  Slowly but surely, I began to trust again, and I learned that my happiness is my choice.  I can choose to view life through the lens of a cynic or I can choose to release, forgive, and live a life through giving and receiving love and gratitude.


As I began to release control and started living my life with a ‘glass half full’ mentality things started showing up for me. While in treatment I started blogging about the things that made me feel best. I was cooking nourishing food and writing recipes. I picked up a humble yoga practice (think beginner youtube videos in my living room, not twisty poses on Instagram) and started expressing myself creatively through photography and writing. I discovered mindful and intuitive movement and felt a flood of peace wash over my body. I started to truly enjoy life, I started to feel present.

Without even realizing it, I had created a toolbox of resources. Tools that to this day help me feel empowered and give me the ability to be my best me.

I want to share my evolving toolbox with you, so, together, we can grow, learn, and cultivate more of what the world needs.

But this site is about so much more than sharing my journey, experiences, and services with you. This is a space for creation, collaboration, and navigating soul-searching journey called life side-by-side.  I hope that you’ll visit often, share with love and connect with other women just like you.

You can email me anytime at hello@katevanhorn.com with thoughts, ideas, questions or support.



Be in GOOD Company

I'm also the co-founder of The GOOD Festival.

We host festivals, workshops and retreats nationwide, including a one-day women's wellness festival for 400 badass women. We recognize that wellness is not one size fits all. That’s why we set out to create a well-rounded experience, with informative and inspirational content, and an unbelievable sense of community.

We have upcoming events in NYC, Charleston, LA and Austin.  Want to get involved or join us?